For Every Lemon, There’s a Karrot!

Karrots’ Visit to Sun City West, Arizona

Last year I spent the later part of the year in Arizona visiting my dad. Growing right in his back yard were three different fruit trees filled with lemons, grapefruit, and oranges. I looked at the lemon tree and reflected on why I love marketing so much. It reminded me of the old saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and really that’s what marketing is all about! Not making lemonade that is, but how marketing is a lot like the lemonade in that it’s really the art of solving any problem you’re having in business.

For example, you may need to engage with a wider number of potential customers and clients to keep your business going.  There are marketing campaigns that you can create that specifically answer that need.  “I need more credibility”, “I need to be seen as more of a leader in my industry”, “I need more business, I need more revenue”: for every question that business owners think of, there is a planned marketing campaign to address it.

When Life or Business Hands You Lemons…

When you look at your business this way, your perspective completely shifts. You become less concerned with finding problems (lemons) and more concerned with finding solutions (karrots). You take notice of the lemons, but you pick them, juice them into a tasty lemonade, and think about the karrot solution while sipping on that refreshing lemonade. It’s actually a refreshing way to look at lemons! For every lemon, there’s a karrot!

Graphic Design Isn’t So Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Karrots is a great example. One of the problems we constantly battle is that most people think that graphic design is relatively easy. That we marketing companies just have a blast just throwing campaigns together whimsically and without any real effort at all. Branding isn’t a science and marketing is just a way for “creative people” to make a living. This was our first lemon and we drank a lot of lemonade thinking about how we could overcome this strong perception. Many prospective clients when quoted would respond “Wow, that’s really expensive. My neighbours daughter could do it for $100 or I could go to anyone of those online places and get it done for the same or $250 most. A logo doesn’t really take that long to do does it? Maybe an hour most.” And that’s when I realized the Karrot to this lemon was making a video. We created a video to answer that question and educate people by showing them that the actual logo development, from beginning to end, was way more involved than two minutes. Was more like 3 weeks in fact.

From Lemons, to Lemonade, to Limoncello, to KARROTS!

It’s a refreshing point of view to see that within each lemon is a seed that grows into a solution for your business. Within every obstacle, there’s a way around it.  Choose to see your challenges like that, and you’ll welcome the lemon tree, even look for more lemon trees. Then you’ll start looking for the lemons that are ripe and ready to pull and harvest, rather than dread it thinking “oh God, please not another lemon”.  Within every lemon is a new possibility. It’s a great perspective to have in life as well. A change in perspective, a refreshing point of view, in perfect timing with the spring season that represents rebirthing and new life.

Lemons + Karrots = Infinite Possiblities

Now I look at that lemon tree and see the infinite possibilities of what I can create. I can use the lemons to create lemonade, but that actually doesn’t seem to be all that creative anymore. There’s more uses for a lemon than lemonade. I can throw some slices of lemon into hot water for my morning cleanse, can use it in my tea, can squeeze the juices into my savoury cooking, or use it to flavour all kinds of culinary dishes. There is so much that can come from that tree if you’re looking for it. What could you create from yours?

Lemon Tree


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