About the Author

Hello! I’m Janice Zeppieri a marketing enthusiast and founder of Karrots Inc. Karrots Inc. is a marketing agency specialized in branding and the development of creative online marketing campaigns leveraging the use of online tools and tactics such as websites, seo, ppc, social media, email marketing, etc.

A Bit More About Me…

Having worked in both marketing and business consulting since my career began right after earning my BA with honours in psychology, I’ve developed a solid foundation of skills and experience in both these areas. Working alongside top talent in the marketing industry has gifted me with making a living, gaining experience, and continuing to explore the fascinating link between psychology, human motivation, and consumer theories. I’ve since been able to fuse my two passions into one with with my business management skills and launch my very own marketing agency called Karrots Inc. Since its launch Karrots has successfully planned and executed targeted and effective marketing campaigns for diverse clients ranging from small start-ups, mid-sized businesses, to large global organizations.

On the side, I’m also a latin dance instructor and performer. I also sometimes lend myself to tutoring children in both Math and English. My goal is to make a living that allows me and my family to live comfortably while also continuing to give back and especially to helping children and teens believe in their own potential. 80% of being successful in this world lies in confidence, the rest in skills and experience. So a more confident human being makes for being a successful one.

I hope you enjoy the things shared in this blog and wish you happy reading!


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