Email Signatures: 3 Reasons Why They Are A Brilliant (And Underused) Tool!

As a marketing professional, a frequent question that many people ask me is “What’s the most overlooked marketing tool?” My response is usually surprising by how simple it is, but I usually respond with “Your email signature”. I find it equally surprising how often I receive email correspondence from people who don’t include in it a proper and professional HTML email signature. But this simple item is just as important as your business card. It’s your clients’ best access point, their one-stop-shop, for your entire online presence, and almost no one is getting it right. So here are 3 reasons why if you don’t have a professional HTML email signature, you need to get one pronto!

1. Brand Recognition

An HTML signature has your logo, first and foremost, which means that it also carries your brand. More than that, it constantly reinforces your brand in the minds of the people who already work with you and those who you are contacting for the first time. The signature is evident, and it’s always sending a message about your brand and your business. What’s great about it is that creating one for your staff also ensures that your brand is consistent across the board. Everyone is saying the same thing and the design properties are the same for everyone. I used to work at an organization that used to announce our new signatures every month and make sure we (employees) all installed them. They understood the important of this tool. However, I’ve seen cases where I get emails with varying email signatures with questionable fonts (like Comic Sans…I cringe at the use of this font in any business).

2. Makes It Easy to Contact You

The second thing about an email signature is the convenience factor. Most of us aren’t pinned to a desk, and even if we are, the email address is what you normally pull out when you need to call someone. Most of us unintentionally make getting in touch with us a game of hide-and-seek without even realizing it. But the reality is that people wanting to connect with us have to dig through their existing stacks of business cards or through their contact lists on their phones to do so. We’re making doing business with us hard for no reason. An email signature solves that problem. Now, no one has to go digging and can just refer to the last email we sent them and call us directly.

3. It’s 24/7 Promotion

The third thing about an email signature is that it does your promotion work for you. Think about it: by adding a signature to your email correspondences, you create a tool whereby people can get to know you in your absence. It’s a form of promotion that’s active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Suppose it’s 7 p.m., and my phone buzzes with an email from a new contact with an offer to work together, say, another entrepreneur. I may not be able to reply to the email right away, but I also might click on the email signature’s link to the sender’s website. I may ask “Who is this person” or “What’s he about?” If I’ve already visited their page, I may notice something new that I’ve never seen before. I’ll get to know them better that way. The same goes for sending out emails to prospective clients with our own HTML signature on it. Even if they don’t reply the very moment they receive an email from us, they can visit our website (or any social media channel) and get to know who we are and give us a call when they are free to speak. I’ve had prospective clients say that they chose to hire Karrots Inc. just based on what they read or saw on social media about us after we emailed them and they clicked on our links. There is no denying the power of this very simple tool.

In 2015, if you’re including a great email signature without links to your website and social media pages, you’re potentially losing a lot of new business opportunities. It’s like handing out a business card without any contact information on it. So don’t miss out on potential opportunities and create your professional HTML signature as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Karrots Email Signature